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GLOBAL's comprehensive range of plastic products includes tote boxes, stacking containers, folding containers, small part boxes/bins that can be either stacked or set into a Louvred panel and of course pallets, other plastic products like plastic pallets, foldable large containers, plastic base trolleys are three of most common materials handling equipment. They are used to provide the right amount of material at the right place, the right time and for the right cost.


Other than for self storage our products are referred to as Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP). This type of packaging is used over and over again in close loop chains. For this to be successful our customers have to rely on our quality, a quality that we have been proud to produce for more than 15 years by using the latest injection moulding machinery.

The preferred material that we use in all of our products is Polypropylene commonly known as PP. PP is impact resistant and durable for the demands of a modern day's logistics chain.


We produce many products of standard dimensions used throughout USA, Europe and Australia using a variety of colour. Our versatility also extends to manufacturing to a customer's own colour and also incorporate logos. In fact we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and our aim has always been to offer a first class service to complement our first class products.



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