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Solution Design

When you purchase your plastic products from GLOBAL you can be assured that you are buying from a leading manufacturer of material handling products in China. We have built up a reputation for producing a quality product at a competitive price along with a first class service levels.


A Successful Plastic Packaging and Handling Solutions must meet many challenges. It must protect the package contents well enough in the course of transport from the elements, which might involve extremes of temperature and humidity, bumps and vibrations, delays and re-routings. It has to fit the dimensions of larger containers on ships, in trucks, trains and warehouses.


It must be easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain. It must be durable and re-usable for many journeys. When empty, it should be easy and economical to transport home again. GLOBAL is your best partner----the optimal and individual solutions for your multiple-use storage and logistics.
For us the customer comes first. If for any reason we cannot meet your requirements then we will tell you and not try and sell you something that does not match with your requirement.
Certainly we do not only follow but also work to improve. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses, identify areas which could be improved and think of ways we provide the same product with the improvement added. At the same time we will use our experience and knowledge to offer the best advice on alternative products to save you money or giving you a better solution.
Imagine various alternatives that could be tried; Ask ourselves "What if...?" to think of creative ways to improve existing products. Trust GLOBAL will be  your best partner ----We have the ability to innovate.


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